The Longest Whale Song

Suitable for 9 - 11 years

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Ella’s mum is in a deep coma, having just had a new baby. That means Ella has to live with Jack, her hopeless stepfather, and cope with her tiny newborn brother, as well as worrying about Mum. The only thing that’s going right is her school project. It’s all about whales and how they sing out to each other to attract a mate – sometimes for hours. Maybe a whale song could reach Mum, wherever she is, and bring her back to Ella and baby Samson. Surely it’s worth a try?

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Yearling (imprint of Random House Children's Books)

Date published

August 4th, 2011

Lexile measure


Accelerated Reader

AR book level: 4.2; Middle years; 9.0 points



UK edition

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Jacqueline Wilson

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What kids think

  1. lulillyno
    on 6 September 2015

    This book disappointingly I thought was a very bad. I did not enjoy this book.

  2. LB2004
    on 7 January 2015

    I love this book and I think it is a great read for anyone from the age of eight to about fifteen

    5 out of 5
  3. flower223
    on 27 April 2014

    I think this book was very intresting and it has a big problem which gets sorted out

    5 out of 5
  4. Emma111
    on 19 March 2014

    Very exiting but not for ages under 8 as it contains things that are un-appropriate.

  5. loobyloulou123
    on 9 March 2014

    I’ve read this book sometimes it makes me laugh out loud though sometimes its very sad and emotional i recommend the book to someone who isn’t very sensitive as it may upset those who are!

    4 out of 5
  6. Potterfan7
    on 9 March 2014

    This emotional story will be sure to make you feel heavy hearted inside, make sure you have your cleanex tissues ready!

    5 out of 5
  7. Book-Lover1234
    on 9 March 2014

    This is such a sad book but at the same time is so vivid. The way it is written makes you feel as if your right there with Ella. I don’t know how Jacqueline Wilson does it but I’d love to find out! I adore it.

  8. Rumaitha12
    on 9 March 2014

    This book is really sad but i liked it alot. I was crying through half of it.

  9. bee100xxx
    on 8 March 2014

    After Ella’s mum goes in a coma after giving birth,Ella turns fascinated at her school project about whale songs. She somehow feels as if the whale song can connect with her mum?..

    4 out of 5
  10. Rachel124
    on 8 March 2014

    Ella’s mum falls in to a coma. Ella is left with her unliked stepdad and her baby brother Samson. She does a school project on whales and is worried she won’t finish on time. Will a whale song be enough to wake her mum up out of her coma.

    4 out of 5
  11. AngelofDeath
    on 8 March 2014

    Very touching and heart rending.

  12. zippy123
    on 8 March 2014

    I loved this book. it was touching and I wish there was a follow on book.

  13. books2000
    on 8 March 2014

    its good

  14. sparklesheep02
    on 7 March 2014

    great book, love it ! the suspense is great

  15. Aslan16
    on 6 March 2014

    It is really emotional!

    5 out of 5
  16. Booklover0109
    on 6 March 2014

    This book was a page turner totally loved it

  17. Catherine0703
    on 6 March 2014

    It’s such a brilliant book. A must read:)!!!

  18. lebbyland27
    on 6 March 2014

    this was the first ever Jacqueline Wilson book I ever read. I sat down in waterstones and picked out a book, fortunately it was this one. I couldn’t stop reading and I bought it home. I have read it over 5 times now

    5 out of 5
  19. Spidergirl
    on 6 March 2014

    Excellent and fantastic book

    5 out of 5
  20. lolipop123
    on 5 March 2014

    I love this book, it is amazing!!!!!!!!

    5 out of 5
  21. gracieee
    on 5 March 2014

    I absolutely loved this book I couldn’t put it down . It’s defiantly one of my favourite books .

    5 out of 5
  22. Cheerforevers
    on 5 March 2014

    This is about a girl called Ella who’s mums in a coma.

  23. pinkxxbibs
    on 4 March 2014

    The longest whale song is a very touching book about mother and daughter ship

  24. chloe123410
    on 31 December 2013

    it is really sad when she thinks she has no one apart from her mum but her mum wont wake up. it was lovely when she started to love her baby brother. it is a really touching book because some other kids have the same problem when their parents wont wake up to.

    5 out of 5
  25. kizzy2
    on 11 December 2013

    This book is great. But also very sad, when Ella’s mum has a baby and then is in a coma. Ella desperately worries about her. Poor old Ella is also having to cope with living with her mums new boyfriend Jack, who she doesn’t like. Will Ella’s mum come out of her coma or will this become a tragedy never to forget. I would probably recommend this to 10+ year olds.

  26. thebookreader91
    on 9 December 2013

    this book made me cry and gasp and maybe even cry a little. it was a real page turner and i coulnt put the darn thing down it was about a girl called ella whos mom had a baby and the mother had pre-eclampsia a fell into a coma all of her friends are leaving her will she pull through with her love of whales ?? find out in the book !!! Jacquline Wilson described it so vividly it was amazing a serious must have

    5 out of 5
  27. kitty77
    on 5 December 2013

    it is a fantastic book.However it is also a bit sad.I would definetly reccimend this

    5 out of 5
  28. roseyclo
    on 4 December 2013

    loved it Ella’s mum has a baby and Has a step husband called Jack Ella’s mum goes to hospital to have the baby and her mum goes into a coma so Ella and her dad jack have to learn to get on till Mum get’s better and Lizzie looks after Ella for a bit

  29. Lolipops
    on 16 November 2013

    I love this book my friend told me to read it

    5 out of 5
  30. Cupcake243
    on 28 October 2013

    This is one of the best books I have ever read it was really fantastic!! I really enjoyed the book and it was so fun to read everyday. I was really sad when I finished too! If you havent read it you have to!

  31. Abhigna77
    on 6 October 2013

    Her books are too good to miss out especially the longest whale song

    4 out of 5
  32. misskat02
    on 15 July 2013

    The Longest Whale Song is a pretty good book but some of the parts, I got a little bored at. It isn’t one of my favourite books but it’s still really good.

    4 out of 5
  33. books02
    on 27 June 2013

    This book is excellent. I liked it because it relates to real life and all the twists and turn in our life. It really makes you think what would you do if you were in the same situation as Ella.

    I would give a like or 4 stars to this book. It was sad because Ella’s mum was in a coma.

    This book is definitely thumbs up!!

    4 out of 5
  34. cool97
    on 9 March 2013

    OMG I was crying when I read this book why does wilson have to leave it with a cliffhanger

    4 out of 5
  35. Too-Amazayn
    on 9 March 2013

    Jacqueline Wilson is THE author to go to when looking for a good book for young girls although to be honest her old stuff is a lot more interesting and meaning compared to the new.

  36. samcharlie123
    on 8 March 2013

    A really touching book; always makes me cry.

    5 out of 5
  37. queenie13
    on 8 March 2013

    im almost finished this book but like it so far.

    4 out of 5
  38. KarlMagic33
    on 7 March 2013

    Really Good!

  39. bugzy72
    on 7 March 2013

    its a good book

  40. xxChocolateBoxGirlxx
    on 5 March 2013

    This is one of the first books that I`ve read by Jacqueline Wilson and I couldn`t put it down.Ella`s mum is pregnant but then unfortunately falls into a coma(when a person goes to sleep for a long long time).So Ella has to stay with her step dad Jack who she does`nt like at first and Ella has to look after the new baby. At school Ella is doing a project about whales and decides to do a whales and she is surprised and fascinated by the whales` songs.So while her mum is in the hospital Ella has and idea. She brings a recording of the longest whale song, maybe this will wake her mother… If you want to know what happens you have to read the book first :D

  41. ellie-melay27
    on 5 March 2013

    i liked this book, it was quite good. but i would not recommend it to all age groups. it is quite sad in places

  42. natashakrywald
    on 5 March 2013


  43. stupendousteen
    on 4 March 2013

    good emotional book

    4 out of 5
  44. Sherlock25
    on 4 March 2013

    This book is great, It’s fun to read and educational, great for children ages 9 +

  45. bouncybunny
    on 4 March 2013

    This book is full of mixed feeling the end is happy because ella mum wakes up from the coma ,where the beging is sad because dhe gos into the coma put through the book its a mix of both. I thought when the mum whent into the coma somthing was going to be wrong with the baby but he was fine

  46. DSherwin924
    on 23 February 2013

    This book is my second good book.

    5 out of 5
  47. wimpykid9
    on 8 February 2013

    I loved this book I almost cried when Ella’s mum went into the coma but it was so funny when she woke up because of the whale song

    5 out of 5
  48. Emster123
    on 10 January 2013

    I love The Longest Whale song, its defiantly not like any other jw books where the characters are very loud and dramatic like Tracy Beaker. This book is sad and heart touching which really draws you, as the reader, into the story and put yourself in ella’s shoes and what its like to be her. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a sad story.

  49. fudge91230
    on 20 November 2012

    So far it is okay. I like it i suppose but it’s sad and not the best book, it could make someone cry

    3 out of 5
  50. zombielover10
    on 23 October 2012

    I LOVE ,love, love this book !! This is my favorite book of all time !!!

    5 out of 5
  51. madistar23
    on 29 August 2012

    Loved this story about Ella’s mother. Very touching!

  52. slattery40
    on 25 August 2012

    Okay, when I was younger 9 or 10 I loved Jacqueline Wilson but I’m now 11 and I look back on them being very sad and not suitable for children with some very grown up words in some of her books. now on the book I thought it was quite sad and in my opinion nobody should be reading her books. Sorry to any of her fans

  53. Sudharamesh27
    on 8 May 2012

    This book is simply wonderful

    5 out of 5
  54. Emmy11
    on 18 March 2012

    it is an amazing story about Ella and her family (and Jack) it’s soo sad but gets dose Jacqueline wilson do i a soo suprised

  55. jacquelinewilson123
    on 12 March 2012

    This is the best book EVER written!!!

    5 out of 5
  56. salimisra
    on 1 March 2012

    fantastic and lively book which gets you thinking about how important your mother is and that its very hard with her not around

    5 out of 5
  57. chess8329
    on 10 February 2012

    this book was gr8 but also well sad xxxxx

    5 out of 5
  58. pawprint2
    on 10 January 2012

    Sooooooo sad

    5 out of 5
  59. lolly817846
    on 13 November 2011

    Its a good tale, it shows children its better to have fussy mums than none at all.I say give your mum a great big hug.

    5 out of 5
  60. jessie2301
    on 27 October 2011

    A – mazing

  61. missmickeymouse11
    on 21 October 2011

    This book is really good because it has a mix of emotions Jacqueline Wilson books rule whooo

    5 out of 5
  62. LisaPrincess104
    on 14 October 2011

    I think it was awesome i loved this book it was amazing Jaqueline Wilson your amazing

    5 out of 5
  63. cocoloco111
    on 24 September 2011

    This book is brilliant i would advise anyone to read it!!

    5 out of 5
  64. amy07011
    on 14 September 2011

    An amazing book!! Didn’t want to put it down! Took long to finish because of school but along came the holidays and weekends and soon completed it!! Amazing, definetly reccommended!

    5 out of 5
  65. Ilovebooks99
    on 27 August 2011

    Good but everything worked out in the end and I wanted it to be realistic!♥

    4 out of 5
  66. CarribbeanCuba
    on 27 August 2011

    This book was fantastic, i finsihed it in 2 days. I couldn’t put it down! I would definatly recomend this to all types of readers!

    5 out of 5
  67. Molly13579
    on 15 August 2011

    Hi, This book was so sad when Ellas mum went into a coma. Luckily she got out of it though. From Jacline Wilson Fan Kim Rawlings

  68. MollyMoo89
    on 12 August 2011

    I thought it was great all the way through but the thing that spoilt it for me was that the ending seemed a little bit rushed!!!!

    I liked it 4 star rating

    4 out of 5