Pie Corbett's Storyteller


Help children become storytellers themselves with traditional stories to read, tell and write.

  • Includes activities for reading, drama and writing including hot seating, ‘story behind the story’ and conscience alley.
  • ‘About the story’ explains the origins of the story and where the author came across it showing that stories can come from anywhere!
  • Hints given for each story on how to link to other subjects – great for engaging children in stories.
  • Flowcharts break the story down into key component parts – providing the framework to the story.
  • From telling to writing – how to move from reading a story to writing one.

In this series



What are the minimum system requirements for the Storyteller CDs?

PC or Mac with 16x speed CD-ROM and 256MB RAM; Windows 98 or higher or Mac OSX 10.1.5 or higher; Recommended minimum processor speed 800MHz; 16bit sound and graphics card.

Series structure


Storyteller Teacher Resource Books and CD-ROMs

Each anthology is supported by a teacher’s resource book written by Pie Corbett and CD-ROM with videos of storytellers telling their tales.

In the teacher’s book:

  • General guidance on how to tell a story
  • Activities for each story in the children’s anthology – getting to know each story through discussion, writing, drama, music or dance.
  • Speaking: guidance on how to tell each story aloud
  • Structure: a flow chart for each story
  • Telling to writing: ideas for adapting each story to make a new version

On the CD-ROM:

Let the children watch professional storytellers on the CD-ROM. Half the stories in the anthologies are told aloud by:

  • Pie Corbett
  • Taffy Thomas
  • Jane Grell
  • Xanthe Gresham

Each storyteller also tells his or her storytelling tips and thoughts.

Children’s Books

There are three children’s anthologies each containing about 15 traditional stories from around the world perfect for retelling. Each anthology contains some stories short enough to learn off-by-heart.

  • The Gingerbread Man and other stories for 4–7 year olds
  • Dragonory and other stories for 7–9 year olds
  • The Boy and the Tiger and other stories for 9–11 year olds

Each anthology is accompanied by an audio CD containing all the stories in the anthology read aloud by Pie Corbett, Xanthe Gresham or Taffy Thomas.