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Pie Corbett's Poetry Spine

Pie Corbett’s Poetry Spine

The Poetry Spine is a core of books that foster a love of poetry with the best children’s anthologies, hand-picked by literacy expert Pie Corbett.

  • Increase familiarity with confidence with poems and rhymes for Nursery to Year 6
  • Hints and tips to get the most out of teaching poetry are available only
  • Bring poetry to life in your classroom.

“The Poetry Spine is designed to ensure that each term children become familiar with at least one key poet. A simple way to ensure poetry becomes a regular feature of the curriculum is to establish a ‘poem of the day’ system. After lunch, a new poem or old favourite is shared by the teacher, a child or a group performing. You can supplement this by listening to poets reading their work. Ensuring that children have poetry read to them on a regular basis over the years increases their familiarity with poetry’s many possibilities.”

Pie Corbett, Literacy expert

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Watch Pie Corbett introduce the Poetry Spine

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Watch Pie Corbett introduce the Poetry Spine

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